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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Flowers, Flags, and Frills

Okay, folks. I keep hoping that I will post more regularly, and then I don't. So thank you for continuing to look at my pictures and maybe read what I have to say. I haven't done any major new costumes lately, nor have I finished some of the things you have seen...still. I will, though.

I have made some more new flags for the Sanderson High School color guard. I made two sets of flags for the girls, but I only have pictures of one.

Some of the talented girls spinning my flags
I also had to alter a few of those uniforms because they didn't fit right. To make life easier on myself and the girls, I attended practice, had the girls who needed alterations try on their uniforms at the beginning, set myself up in the cafeteria to sew, then had them try on again at the end. With the fit right, I took the uniforms home to cut off the excess fabric and finish the seams, then I brought the finished uniforms to practice a couple of days later.

Since my last post, I also made a flower crown. It has no specific purpose yet. I'm just planning to sell it in my Etsy store once that goes live.

This is made entirely of flowers left over from my wedding bouquet.
In July, Jon and I met a nice lady from Historic Yates Mill County Park at the downtown Independence Day celebration here in Raleigh, NC. We were dressed in our Colonial clothes (which aren't great, but they're a work in progress), so we got to talking about what other costumes we have and what we do with them. (Yes, I call them costumes, and anyone who is bothered by that should probably chill. The word used to mean approximately "outfit," and besides, sneering at the word "costume" is pretty insulting to all of the amazing professional costume designers out there. Something can be historically accurate and still be a costume.) And that led to us signing up to be volunteers at the Mill. Jon's costume was approved as it was, but I was told that I needed to wear a collar with my dress, so I crocheted one. I've never made crocheted lace or anything that delicate, so it was a new experience, but I think I went pretty well.

Just the collar so you can see the detail

The collar turned out a little bigger than the neckline of my dress, so I either need to make a new one or alter the dress. I haven't decided which yet.

Back to the Mill, I'm very excited about it. It has been fully restored, and you can buy corn that has been ground there, using granite mill stones and a water wheel--there's no electricity. It was also equipped to grind wheat, and that has also been restored, but it is not used because part of that system is closed, so it cannot be cleaned adequately for FDA approval. We assist with the tours, and we are being trained to do more parts of the corn grinding tour as well as some of the other tours.

In December, Santa will be at the Mill for pictures, and there will be some kids' activities and craft sales as well as Dickens Christmas carolers--me and Jon and a new friend we made! A few other people may join us, but it's just us so far. We're also hoping to start a dance class in the visitor center, teaching the same types of dances that we used to do with Old Glory Vintage Dancers. I really hope we get approval for that!

Happy crafting!

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