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Sunday, August 16, 2015

So Many Projects!

I've mentioned before that I have trouble focusing on one thing at a time. I have a lot of projects going or at least in the planning phase right now. It can be a problem, but usually it works out.

I thought my felt nativity was going to be a quick and simple project that would only get mentioned in one post, but it keeps not turning out quite to my liking. I bought some more felt and remade one Wise Man, but he still ended up just looking more like a tanned white man and making everyone else look very pale--like Irish pale--so now I want to buy a darker brown felt and change the hands and face on another of the Wise Men to make him black. I'm even considering changing everyone's hands and faces to the tan color so they won't look so pale. I know I'm overthinking this, but that's who I am. I do like how the new Wise Man turned out in general, though.

And sticking with projects I've already posted about for a moment, I found some fabric at JoAnn that should work for Batgirl. It is a poly/rayon/spandex blend and a very thick sport knit. It is black on one side and grey on the other, and we intend to dye it to make the grey side bluish or purplish-grey.

This is not true to color. The grey is darker than this, and the other side really is black.
I also got my order, and two of the items were for the Mary Poppins ballet costume. I bought beading lace, and I will thread red ribbon through it to go at the neck and wrists, and I will probably cut it in half for the top edge of the collar and the edges of the jabot. I know I was planning to use the lace from the wedding dress for the collar and jabot, but I have 200 yards of this beading lace now, so the different spots that need lace might as well match. I can use that other lace on another project in the future.

I bought sew-on Venice lace butterfly appliques to scatter on the chiffon of the blouse and the top of the tutu. I believe the embroidery or appliques on the original dress were flowers, but to get quality appliques of an appropriate size, butterflies were what I could get enough of for a good price, and they are still very much in keeping with the look of the original.

And I bought pink shank buttons for gaiters that will go over the pink point shoes.
This is not quite true to color, but it is close.

One of the other items that came from Cheeptrims this week was a beaded trim I was planning to use on a new Civil War ballgown, but Cheeptrims has finally disappointed me. I like the trim overall, but the teardrop beads have obvious seams and flat spots--I could live with the fact that they are plastic if it weren't for that--so the only way I'm using this trim on anything other than a kid's costume is if I replace those beads with something of higher quality. And I have not decided if I'm that crazy yet.

This Civil War ballgown is not in the works yet. I will be making it down the road, but I already have the fabric, and I will also be using the wide lace from the wedding dress for it. I intend to use the lace on the skirt and as the bertha (the decoration on the neckline).

This is actually pretty true to color, and the lace is about 6" wide.
My plan for the design is a mix of the two blue dresses in this picture, although mainly the one in the foreground. I do want the ruffle on the skirt to follow a scalloped pattern, but not such an exaggerated one.

I apologize for not knowing the origin of this photo.
Another future project is the pepakura sci-fi armor my husband is making for me. It's from Halo, which I don't play, but I do love sci-fi armor, and this particular armor looks both cool and believable. Jon is currently working on cutting out and gluing together the many tiny pieces of paper. This costume will be for next year at the soonest because it is going to take a really long time.

The bottom half of the helmet.

I think it's a little too big for Sal.
And finally, a more current (and more simple) project. I'm working on a new skirt for myself out of leftover fabric from a dress I made for one of my nieces several years ago and lace from one of my past Cheeptrims orders...and the zipper out of the wedding dress. It's a simple six-panel flared skirt.

I'm not sure whether to place the lace like this...

...or like this.
I'm using this pattern that my mother gave me a few years ago. I'm making the shorter version and shortening it a bit more to bring it closer to the knee. I think it will be a really awkward length with the lace if the skirt itself is much below the knee.
Hopefully, this week I'll finish the skirt and make some progress on the Mary Poppins costume.

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