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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Odds and Ends

Hello, friends. I don't have much to show you on any of my major projects this week, but I do have some small projects and sketches to share.

I was shopping at Goodwill lately and found this wedding dress. It had some tears, but I really just wanted to take it apart for supplies.

The narrow lace on the edge of the outer skirt will be useful.

I plan to use this lace from the neckline as the bertha on a new Civil War ballgown.

And there's plenty of lace on the bottom of this skirt for the ballgown skirt.

I have also saved these buttons and the button loop tape.
I spent $29 on the dress. I would have preferred to spend less, but I would have spent more if I had bought the supplies in a more traditional manner. I have plans for a lot of these items, but I'm saving the buttons just for general future use.

Recently, the women from my church got together to make some Christmas crafts. One was these lovely Christmas tree balls. The nativity silhouettes were from an Etsy store, but I don't know which. If anyone wants them, I'll find out more. The silhouettes had adhesive backs and were attached to clear plastic cut in the shape of the Christmas balls. Glitter and iridescent confetti in the bottom and bows tied to the top provided the finishing touches.

The red ribbon and the silver and white came from the activity, but the blue and the gold came from my stash at home. I made a lot of these, and most will be Christmas presents, but at least one will go on my own tree.

I also made this felt nativity set, although I made major modifications. I didn't initially receive the layout guides, so I didn't fully understand some of the pieces and ended up changing them for that reason. Also, the original was intended to be sewn together in three groupings and used as Christmas tree ornaments, but it was suggested to keep them separate and use it as a nativity that you can let children play with. Kept separate like that, I thought the smaller wise men looked weird, so I made them bigger and changed them.

I still need to embroider on all the faces.

I like the little "funny face" lambie.
This bear belongs to a friend's granddaughter who has had a lot of surgeries. She's a sweet little girl, and she has recently had another surgery. My friend asked me to add a line of stitches to the bear to match her.

The dark line across the top between the ears is the new "scar."
And this is what I do when I'm having trouble focusing--I sketch costume and clothing design ideas. I'm currently working on a ballet version of Mary Poppins' white dress complete with a Russian classical tutu (also known as a pancake tutu) for a friend who is a ballet dancer. (And every single time I try to talk to anyone about this costume, I say tattoo instead of tutu. It's getting pretty ridiculous.) I'm also working on a jester costume for my husband. It will be recognizable as a jester, but much fancier than what you're used to seeing. I have no idea just how historically accurate it will be for what a jester would have actually worn during the renaissance, but it is based on real clothing from the late 1500s-early 1600s. (Please don't judge my sketches too harshly. I'm not particularly good at drawing, and I haven't taken any classes in it. I'd like to.)

The spats/gaiters will go over bright pink pointe shoes. And my husband thought it was funny to turn the hat into a flying saucer abducting a sleeping human.

We've already changed our plans for the pants, but sketching this out helped us get to an idea we liked more.

Jon likes the shoes on bottom better.

The doublet will button shut with alternating tabs representing the playing card suits. The ones from one side will be clubs and spades, and the other side will be hearts and diamonds. The two sides of the doublet will also be different colors.
I know this doesn't really illustrate my designs very clearly, but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing my sketches anyway. Hopefully, I will have at least a little progress to show you next week because tutu supplies, as well as some buttons and trims, are on their way to me right now.

In parting, I'll leave you with what I want to be this year: this version of Batgirl! Don't you love her? I haven't purchased supplies yet, but I have swatches on the way to figure out exactly materials I'm using.

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