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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Love Free Stuff!

So I have this really amazing friend named Sheila Cox. She is also a costumer, and we've worked on a couple of high school shows together--she as the designer, and I as a stitcher. That's actually how we first got to know each other, but we also go to church together, and we're good friends now. Anyway, a few days ago, she let me come over and plunder her stash of fabric and other supplies, as well as the dresses in her costume stash--some actual vintage, some vintage inspired. I came away with eight new (to me) dresses and lots of fabric and trims. Some of it is things I actually specifically need for the projects I'm working on/planning, and some of it is just stuff I really liked and she had no specific plans for.

I also finished my white skirt last night. It needed a lining, as white things usually do, so I used the lining fabric from that wedding dress I've been taking apart. It just keeps on giving!

Without further ado, pictures! (With bad lighting because Jon and I are often only together at night, and our apartment has terrible lighting.)

The outfit I wore to church today. Of course, I had shoes on at church.

My friend Holly of SableGreyhound Gifts made this necklace with earrings to match, and I love them!

This dress reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. It needs a shoulder seam repaired, but that's easy.

This should have three buttons, so I will need to replace all three. Again, easy.

I'm making a weird face in this picture.

I LOVE this one. I might shorten the sleeves because they are tight at the elbows, but I'm not sure.

Close-up of the embroidery

I also completely love this one. It needs work, too, including new buttons.

It also has this big rip in the skirt. I'm thinking of adding a band of black velvet to cover it.

My dog is very cute.

I will probably lengthen this skirt a little, likely with eyelet lace, and I think the stems should have flowers at the top, so I might add that as well.

I was feeling a little silly by this point because I never know how to pose for pictures.

I got motion sickness getting this picture because I did way too much twirling, but it was totally worth it to show the skirt off like that. ;)

So I really love all of my new dresses. I also got great fabric and trims, but I'll probably show those off as I actually use them.


  1. Your white skirt is gorgeous!! I love the lace around the bottom. And I think the cherry dress is my favorite... it twirls very nicely!