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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I'm Back

Hopefully this won't be the only post for the next year. I've made some new things and done some work on some things you've already seen. This post isn't going to include a lot of explanations, especially about the processes involved, but I'll include some. Mostly, this will be pictures of the things I have pictures for. And I'll work on taking more pictures to post soon to show you some of the things I haven't already documented.

A pirate costume I made for my niece.
I know you've already seen the pioneer costume, but here's me with multiple petticoats instead of the hoops.
I didn't make this. It's a beautiful gift from my beautiful sister Cathy. I want to wear it with my Elizabethan gown as well as my late Victorian, but I haven't had anywhere to wear it yet.
I can't remember if I posted this. These were our quick and easy (and cheap) dental-assisting-appropriate costumes.
Remember this dress? I made it back in 2013. Well this last Halloween (2014), I embellished it some more.
This was our brilliant plan for getting the lace to stand up at the neckline--we hung my dummy upside-down from the shower curtain rod and applied stiffener. It worked pretty well.
The "handing candy out to trick-or-treaters" costumes from 2013--me as the Tooth Fairy and Jon as an old-timey newspaper man.
Halloween 2014--our costumes for our party. Here's Anna actually in her pirate costume and me in my late Victorian gown and a choker I made.
Same party. Here's Jon as steampunk Batman. I realize you can't see it super well, but this is all I've got.
I included this mainly to show the feathers in my hair.
Halloween 2014--church party. Jon as a pirate, and you can see some super cute Ninja Turtles in the background.
Same party. This is a better picture of me as the Tooth Fairy. I have since reprised the role for my current dental office.
Same party. Anna's Mad Hatter costume. I helped her put it together.
Sideview of the hat.
Halloween 2014--work costumes. Jon as Robin Hood, and me as an anime cat girl. People didn't get my costume, but I rocked it anyway.
So part of the reason I haven't been blogging is because life just hasn't been working out the way we planned. We love North Carolina, but since moving here, I lost the job we moved for, and we both got jobs at Chick-fil-A. That's far from where we wanted to be at this point in our lives, but we've worked with great people and been able to make ends meet. But working in food service definitely posed a challenge for our costume endeavors. Jon wore his uniform pants with the top half of his Robin Hood costume. He works in the kitchen, so the vambraces kept his sleeves out of everyone's food, and he left his arrows out of the quiver. Obviously, he left the bow at home. This is one of his more washable costumes and has no bulky sleeves or anything, hence the choice.

I work out front, but I still needed good mobility and the ability to get dirty, ruling out most of my costumes. My pirate costume would have worked, but I had already worn it for "Talk Like a Pirate Day," which isn't that long before Halloween, and I really wanted to wear something different. So most of this is from my wardrobe, including the wig, but I found the stripey tights at Target and the sequined cat ears at Claire's. It was a fun costume.

That's it for now. I need to get some pictures taken in my late Victorian gown with all the lace and beads added. I wore it to teach vintage dance at a daddy-daughter dance, but I didn't end up getting my picture taken. And maybe I'll make Jon put on his steampunk Batman costume again, so that we can take better pictures of that as well. I have also made/finished a few more things that need to be photographed so that I can show you.

p.s. Sorry the pictures are in an odd order. I just found and uploaded all the pictures and was planning to change the order afterward like I usually do. Unfortunately, it's not letting me do that this time, and I really don't want to delete them and re-add them one-by-one in a better order.

p.p.s. I'm working in a dental office again, and I'm very open to suggestions for this year's work Halloween costume.

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