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Monday, December 10, 2012

Miscelaneous projects

This is actually a project from last year, and if you read my last post, you'll know its significance.

And this is the apron I made for Jon's sister-in-law's pie business. I think it turned out super cute. And if you live anywhere near Provo, UT, you should definitely try out My Cutie Pies. They are super delicious, cupcake-sized pies.

Next up is another dress makeover. A while back, I was given a sweater dress that really didn't look very good on me. It was rather shapeless on me, and the faux wrap bodice crossed in an unflattering place. I forgot to take before pictures, but here is my sad little sketch of it:

It was ankle-length and long-sleeved with an empire waist, and the bodice portion was ribbed, but the bottom wasn't. I cut the skirt and the sleeves off, and recombined them into a knee-length, raglan sleeved dress. I also used bias strips of some silver satin I had on hand to bind the neckline. None of the other edges needed any finishing because I didn't cut them.

Coming soon: finished Civil War ballgown, day dress, and corset.

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