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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something Weird I Discovered

Okay, I wasn't planning to post again quite this quickly, but I realized something interesting/weird that I didn't put in my last post. I've discovered that it's somewhat difficult for me to get the fit of corsets or boned bodices just right for me. I don't have an excessive amount of trouble getting the shape right. My problem is one I haven't heard brought up before: I have asthma.

What does that have to do with fitting a corset or bodice, you ask? Well, if a corset or boned bodice is supposed to be functional--meaning it's supposed to keep the girls in place without also wearing a bra--it has to be at least somewhat snug. I don't mean super-duper-guts-crushingly-tight, but it does have to be under some tension or it won't hold anything in place, and it won't really stay in place itself. The problem comes in because I frequently have some trouble breathing, even if I'm not having a really serious asthma attack, so how do I tell if my corset or bodice is too tight?

The answer is, basically, trial and error. If I put it on while working on it and feel more short of breath than I expected to, I have to get it off, give my body a couple of minutes to get used to it off, and see if I'm still short of breath at all. If I am--even if it was worse with the corset/bodice on--it's probably mostly my asthma. I also, with the corset/bodice still on, try to breathe deeply. If I can take a deep breath, even if it takes a little effort, the corset/bodice is probably okay, and if that deep breath results in coughing, the asthma is almost certainly to blame.

I doubt anyone else really needed to know that, but I felt like sharing my quirky little sewing problem. And it's especially on the brain with the thick smog in the air due the several wild fires in the area at the moment. My heart and prayers go out to all those more directly affected by them.

Now to our regularly scheduled programming....


  1. Interesting! I also have a health-related fitting problem. If my neck is acting up, then the tension in my shoulders will pull my shoulders up. If we measure my bodice straps then, the straps invariably end up too long. If we push my shoulders down and then take the measurements, the straps fit just fine. Gee, betcha never thought you'd have to think of these things when you started to learn to sew, did you? :)

  2. Edit: I meant "tension in my muscles." Yes, it's time to go to bed! lol

  3. That must be annoying. And it makes me feel a little less weird. ;)