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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

November ACC update

I'm late updating, but I did make progress on my chemise during November, though I didn't finish. I actually decided not to make it my completely hand-sewn piece because my underskirt will have fewer seams and, therefore, be somewhat easier to make that way. I am, however, hand-felling the seams instead of using a more modern finish because my chemise is made of a very lightweight cotton voile, and I thought hand-felled seams would look the best. I'll post pictures when I have actually finished it, as any current pictures wouldn't be very illuminating.

Believe it or not, I still do not intend to drop out, and I think I have a fair chance of finishing the first two layers and at least one accessory. I don't have high hopes for finishing my outer layer in time for the contest, but I do still intend to make it just for my own benefit.

I'll write some more very soon about some of my other projects, like my Victorian corset, my husband's Inverness, and some other odds and ends.

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