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Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, I have not posted any progress on my Elizabethan gown for the ACC this month. That's because I haven't made any. It has been a very busy month, but I thought I'd be able to at least make some progress during this last week. Not enough to really "catch up," but something to post about. No such luck.

Last Saturday, Jon's grandmother--who I have been taking care of for a couple of years--was diagnosed with a staph infection in her leg. We spent around five hours in InstaCare and at the pharmacy, etc, but we thought it would clear up, and it looked like it was, if slowly. She was in a lot of pain, so she and Grandpa needed some extra time from me and my husband for a few days. Then Wednesday, she wouldn't wake up, although she was breathing. We don't know if the staph infection caused it or not. She's been in poor health for a long time. Whatever the cause, she was in septic shock. At about 4:50pm, she passed on. I have a lot of peace about that. She's not in pain anymore. I only worry about Grandpa because he's very lonely now.

All this has meant there's been a lot of work for the whole family, so I definitely haven't been sewing. I do still hope to finish my ACC outfit on time, though. I don't anticipate coming anywhere close to winning, but I believe I am fully stubborn enough to finish. Unfortunately, I can't conscript my husband to be slave labor like I sometimes do because I have to do all the work on this myself, but maybe I can make him cook and do dishes and such instead.

One thing I did manage to do earlier in the week, before I realized we were losing Grandma, was make a pair of pantalettes to go under my 1860s ballgown. The pleats on the legs haven't been pressed out yet, but I like them. I think these pantalettes are rather pretty, and I'm kind of hoping they can do double duty under my Elizabethan. They may be too long, though.

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