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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cute Hats

Jenn and Erik's wedding was really beautiful, and it was very fun to help with that. Kimi posted pictures on Facebook, so hopefully everyone who actually reads this has seen them. I forgot my camera.

I also made a super cute hat for one of my nieces for her birthday last month. It was kind of a silly, modern take on a bycocket. I made my own templates for the flowers on the side of the hat and hand-sewed them on. I didn't bother with buttonholes or anything to lace the green strip through because felt doesn't require edge finishing; I just cut slits. I did tack down the point with a few stitches so it wouldn't shift around. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, and Emily loved it, so that's the important thing.

Eventually I will be able to share photos of the baby hats and things I've been making as photo props, but first I have to pay Kimi for promo photos. Until then, I can't share any because I need signed releases from the parents of the children photographed with my crafts.

Later this week, I will post again about some more underwear.

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