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Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay, I'm going to start with this because it makes me laugh. Not my best work ever, but I think Jon looks pretty good considering I made the tunic-thing in one night. I also made the hat. Again, not amazing, but it is the first bycocket I ever made, so I'm pleased. And I think he looked pretty good in facial hair, although I generally prefer him without it. It's already gone again.

This is my sketch for my Civil War ballgown. My drawing skills aren't that great, but you can at least see the general idea. Dark purple satin gown with a light purple overskirt, puffed sleeves, and neck ruffle. There will also be a shorter silver satin ruffle over the dark purple one at the bottom of the skirt, with black lace (which I have picked, but not yet ordered) over that. I may or may not make a black velveteen half cape.

Where the overskirt is pleated up (that's not drawn very well, but I intend to lift it with large pleats, rather than gathers), there will be small bouquets of purple and white tea roses with 1/8" black ribbons hanging down. Similar bouquets will also decorate the neck and sleeves.

Here's my fan, cameo necklace, and embroidered handkerchief. The fan is actually quite sensible, not just for show. I've discovered that you get awfully hot doing Victorian dances. And I love the smell of sandalwood.

Here are the two pairs of gloves and cameo ring I have acquired (very cheaply, I might add). The top one is an Italian kid glove. These are my favorite, although the others seem more decorative.

Now for my plan for my Elizabethan gown for the ACC. I completely tanked at trying to draw a black and gold brocade pattern, so I just colored the gown black. The chevrons, however, will actually be solid black.

Here's the right side of the gold jacquard that will make the underskirt and undersleeves.

This lace and ribbon will create the ruffle that stands up on the partlet. Pearls will probably also be added, and I may do some whitework on the body of the partlet unless I decide it clashes with the lace.

My outer layer will be a doublet gown similar to this, but in the purple velvet shown above. This is an Italian portrait, but Elizabethan women wore doublet gowns too, as far as I can tell. My plans may change if someone shows me that I'm wrong, but I like doublet gowns a lot more than loose gowns.

I have yet to figure out trims and such. There's a $100 spending limit for this challenge that is a bit limiting, and my budget is rather limited anyway. My husband has some fox furs that may get used somewhere in this costume, most likely to line the puffed sleeves of the doublet gown, I think. I plan to make a pearl necklace and girdle belt to be worn with this if I can afford all the beads I need. I really hope I can because my love of those pearl belts is a large part of the reason I wanted to make an Elizabethan gown--well, 1560s anyway; picking English was just because it suits me.

So now you all know that although I am normally a fairly simple dresser when it comes to modern clothing, I turn extremely girly and frilly when I go back in time. Well, at least when I'm dressing up as people who would have liked frills. :)

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