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Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh That I Didn't Have ADD

Sorry for my sporadic posting. That isn't likely to change. I don't have pictures to post this time, but I've made progress on the super cute fairy dresses I'm making for the wedding I mentioned. It's one of those projects that just can't help but be fun because the fabric I've been given to work with is all very pretty (and non-obnoxious to work with), the pattern is simple but also very pretty, and I've been given enough creative license to have a little fun as I go along. I have been known to get bored if I'm supposed to only do what I'm told, but that will not be a problem here.

The title refers to the fact that I can never stick to working on just one project at a time. There's a skirt I need to make for someone, and of course my Civil War gown and ACC project. And in the middle of all this, I took a day to make a super adorable bycocket (Robin Hood hat) for one of my nieces. I didn't have time to take pictures of it (at least not if I wanted any sleep at all) before sending it with my parents to Nebraska and the niece in question. Hopefully, I will get pictures from my sister to post.

I made the hat out of felt--synthetic, not wool because I just can't afford the good stuff. It wasn't intended to be very historically accurate, anyway; it was intended to be fun, and I think I achieved that. The inside layer that shows where it folds up is pink, and the outer layer is kind of a dark turquoise color, but it's the decoration on the hat that's really fun. I cut slits in the blue layer and threaded a lime green stripe through them, then I sewed on pink and purple flowers, also cut out of felt. It's adorable. I probably would have gone even more overboard in the cuteness department, sewing pearls in the centers of the flowers, etc. if I had had time, but as I already hinted, I ran out of that. However, I'm still very happy with it. I actually want to make more of them, but I'm not sure who would want crazy, girly bycockets. Maybe I'll just use the decoration ideas (and colors) for a more modern style of hat. We'll see.

Next up (as I continue working on wedding stuff) will be Elizabethan and Victorian underwear! And (again with the ADD!) somewhere I will squeeze in time to crochet and loom-knit some more baby hats for friends. Fia, if you are reading this, yes, I am still planning to make the Cthulu one. It just had to get pushed to the back burner for a while.

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