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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have finally entered the wonderful world of blogging

So, I've been a costumer and dressmaker for about 5 years. I don't claim particular expertise in either field, but I do tend to believe that I can make just about anything out of cloth given enough time--for both figuring it out (and/or learning new skills) and actually doing it. I have worked on a few different weddings, both themed and regular, and I have made all kinds of different costumes. One of my favorite costumes that I've made was a steampunk one for my sister. I'll be mainly posting about sewing, but I also expect to write about other things from time to how much infertility sucks.

My current projects are parts of both the bride's and groom's outfits for a friend's wedding, a Civil War era ballgown complete with corset and cage crinoline (aka hoop skirt), and the Artemisian Costuming Challenge.

A friend of mine talked me into joining the ACC. The challenge is, loosely, to create a complete, historically accurate (in my case, from about 1560s England, although others are recreating other places and times) costume by December 31st. It has to have three layers--appropriate underclothing, main clothing layer, and outer ceremonial or warmth layer--plus at least one accessory. There are more rules than that--like the fact that at least one item of underclothing has to be completely hand-stitched--but that's the general gist.

I'm feeling a little crazy for agreeing to this, but the same great friend has helped me get the fabric I need, and she and others are helping me figure out how to make the gown I have planned since this is a new time period for me. How could I refuse?

The Civil War ballgown is entirely my own insanity. My husband has gotten me into vintage dancing, and while his mom also does such things and is willing to loan out her costumes, her waist is 2-3 inches smaller than mine, and she's shorter than I. There is exactly one of her costumes I can wear, but let's just say it takes some creativity to make it work. So naturally, I want my own, and there will be no going halfway. My plans for the gown are a little over the top (but then the 1860s were a rather over the top time in women's fashion), and I'm working on collecting all the right accessories to go with it. I can't be a Victorian woman of fashion without all the proper accessories.

As soon as I take pictures and figure out how to post them, you can see my sketches and the materials and accessories I've acquired so far.

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  1. I love you -- and I am so glad you are going to post this way -- it will be fun to follow your projects and chat along the way. Love you, sis!