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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fairy Princesses!!!

I'm helping my friend Jen with the sewing for her wedding because it's coming up pretty quickly, and she is a very busy woman. The original plan was that I would make the bride's skirt and a Nehru jacket and vest for the groom, but plans have changed some. I'm still making the skirt, but the jacket and vest need to be pretty well fitted, and I live a bit too far from the happy couple for fittings to be particularly convenient. So we swapped which parts of the whole project I will be taking off her hands.

Instead, I get to make dresses for their beautiful daughters! I am so excited about that because I love little girl dresses beyond all reason, but I am so far incapable of having any daughters for whom to make them. Sometimes, nieces provide outlets for this, but mainly only when special occasions come up because that's when people can/will spend the money on such things. If I ever do have daughters of my own, I think it's going to be bad for my budget.

Anyway, as I was retrieving fabric and patterns from the bride so I could get started, she told me she doesn't actually have all of the fabric yet--she had most of it, but not the fabric for certain components. She asked if I wanted her to give me money so that I could buy the remaining supplies or if I wanted her to get them and give them to me. At first, I didn't think it mattered much, but then she mentioned that I could take some creative license. That was music to my ears. Then it got better--I could make them as girly and froofy (my word, not hers) as I want!

Needless to say, I have plans to do exactly that. The fabric I have been given is already wonderful, and then I get to add anything fancy I want! Oh, I'll keep it within reason, financially, but these girls are going to sparkle! And there will most likely be fairy wings! (The bride approves of this plan.)

I am definitely excited about this project. I have limited my use of exclamation points because Terry Pratchett says they're a sign of madness, but...well, maybe I should have left them in. It would probably be accurate.

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